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CBI Digital is an established software and performance marketing company based in New York City, US and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. CBI Digital develops large-scale cloud-based platforms, marketplaces, and mobile apps for VC-backed technology startups, as well as enterprise clients. We are an AdobeMagento Commerce Solutions Partner, and a Google Premier Partner. CBI develops AI, ML capabilities as a core advantage of our platform solutions. We developed a proprietary SaaS platform that leverages our own AIML algorithms to automate paid advertising optimization. We have an ambitious culture that aims to achieve very high goals for client success, demands the very best of ourselves, and honors deep integrity and dedication. We are looking for a capable Senior Python Developer to join our team to build the finest applications, platform for our clients in the U.S. and Vietnam.


  • Join Python-based projects to build Marketplace Platforms, E-commerces, Automation systems
  • Program specific features such as code APIs to communicate with mobile apps or 3rd party apps
  • Deploy projects using Docker, Micro-service, Django, MySQL / PostgreSQL, VueJS, RestAPI
  • Optimize and upgrade the source code to improve efficiency, increase stability and security.


  • Competitive salary based on candidate's ability & expertise level.
  • Learn advanced coding techniques from leading industry experts
  • Gain extensive coding experience and skills from a variety of projects, platforms
  • Work in a dynamic, transparent, and professional environment
  • Improve English language and communication skills
  • Receive social insurance, health insurance and other benefits in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law and the Company.
  • PLUS Bao Viet, PTI premium insurance
  • Participate in the company trip every year
  • Have opportunities for a salary raise ahead of time with solid contribution. Enjoy the 13th month salary and bonus according to the project progress.
  • Receive overtime pay according to company policy (x1.5 with weekdays, x2 weekends)


  • 2-3 years of experience in programming Python and Django / Flask and web technology Javascript, HTML
  • Experienced in programming with MySQL / PostgreSQL database
  • Experience working with automation systems, machine learning, AI, Big data is an advantage
  • Passionate about programming and have the desire to become a good programmer
  • Have experience working with Python frameworks and CMS
  • Having clear code style, methodical, fully annotated
  • Understanding of query speed optimization, database optimization
  • Having experience in microservice architecture, dev ops, docker, kuberness is an advantage
  • Knowledge of CI / CD
  • Understanding RESTful API development, service and security
  • Humble, open-minded, eager to learn and share knowledge
  • Has a professional working style, and good teamwork and communication ability.
  • Familiarity with Design pattern: IoC/DI (Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection), Factory Pattern, Domain Driven Design, Clean Architecture, Reactive Programming, Publish Subscribe Pattern, Singleton Pattern, Adapter Pattern
  • Knowledgeable about the testing framework (Jest / Chai / Mocha / Jasmine)
  • Have an understanding of data architecture & database

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